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Über uns



Borsch4Breakfast. Four genuine originals and a completely unique sound. The young professional musicians got to know each other during their studies at the Karlsruhe University of Music and quickly realized that, in addition to their classical training, they also share a special enthusiasm for unusual genres and a special sense of humour. Their roots and musical backgrounds are just as diverse as the group's repertoire: Romanian, Serbian and German. In their complementary interaction, they playfully create their own music, which is discharged on stage in a vitalizing combination of various genres: Starting with Eastern European folklore, through Balkan jazz to sophisticated contemporary colours. 

Making music together, arranging or composing pieces, and also creating a great deal of freedom for improvisation: All of this inspires the four musicians every time anew - even though they all live in different cities today, their mutual passion brings them together again and again. In their concerts, they share this experience with their audience in an imaginative way and with a great deal of joy in playing.




● Young violin studies at the Mannheim University of Music with Prof. Marco Rizzi

● Bachelor's degree in violin at the Karlsruhe University of Music with Prof. Nachum Erlich

● Bachelor and master's degree in viola at the Munich University of Music and Theater with Prof. Roland Glassl

● Former academic of the WDR Symphony Orchestra

● Scholarship holder from Villa Musica Rhineland-Palatinate

● Scholarship holder of the German Music Competition

● Solo viola of the MDR Symphony Orchestra 

● Prize winner of the ARD competition

Ionel Ungureanu was born into a family of musicians. As was customary in the Ungureanu family, he received classical training on the violin and was obliged to play in the family ensemble, where his repertoire included Romanian folk music as well as Bach and Mozart. Even though the dream of playing in an orchestra drew him to study music, Ionel explored a broad musical horizon during his time as a student. Everything that fascinated him during this time manifested itself in Borsch4Breakfast: artistic independence, composition and genre diversity. 

In addition to his band activities, Ionel shoots for the stars in the classical viola scene: he performs with various orchestras in Germany's largest concert halls, regularly shares the stage with world-famous interpreters of the classical music scene and competes with the best of his generation in international competitions. He is currently a Villa Musica and Deutscher Musikwettbewerb scholarship holder, has a position as principal violist with the MDR Symphony Orchestra and won 3rd prize and the special prize for the best interpretation of the commissioned composition in the viola category at the ARD competition in 2023.

Guitarist and composer Henrik Dewes began dedicating his life to music at an early age in his hometown of Trier. Fascinated by the sounds of his mother singing and playing the guitar at home, it quickly became clear: Henrik had discovered music and music had discovered him. From his early work as a songwriter (he wrote his first song at the age of eight) to his contemporary compositions as an adult, the free approach to music has been a high priority to the exceptional guitarist. He is therefore a welcome member of the Borsch4Breakfast creative forge, which provides him with the right environment for his ideas.   

In addition to drums, piano, electric guitar and vocals, Henrik Dewes concentrates primarily on mastering the concert guitar. As a result, voicings à la Heitor Villa-Lobos or ethereal flageolet cascades can always be caught in Borsch4Breakfast.   

Henrik Dewes teaches as a lecturer at the teacher training colleges in Zurich and Basel. On the side, the trained germanist decorates the band's social networks with poetry.


● Master's degree in guitar (educational) at the Basel Music Academy in Pablo Márquez's world-famous guitar class

● Master's degree in guitar (artistic) at the Lucerne University of Music

● Minor in composition with Johannes Caspar Walter and Bettina Skrzypczak

● School music studies and bachelor's degree in guitar with Prof. Andreas von Wangenheim and Prof. Maurizio Grandinetti at the Karlsruhe University of Music

● Studied German at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Sandkorn Theater Double Bass.jpg

● Studied school music at the Karlsruhe University of Music

● Bachelor's major in double bass with Prof. Alexandra Scott, master classes with Klaus Stoll and Wies de Boevé, among others

● Master's degree with a focus on singing with Prof. Holger Speck

● Training as a part-time church musician with Dr. Markus Uhl

● Studied history at the Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg

● Voice trainer at Cantus Juvenum Karlsruhe

Christoph Rehorst discovered his enthusiasm for artistic activities at an early age: as a four-year-old, he was already reciting verses on a theater stage. At Borsch4Breakfast, he is able to develop the full range of his talent as an entertainer. 

Parallel to his acting lessons, he started playing the piano, which eventually led him to the organ and his main instrument, the double bass. With this impressive instrument, he was able to make himself heard by his four older siblings. He also turned his attention to singing during his master's degree and now looks after the next generation of musicians at "Cantus Juvenum" Karlsruhe. 

His diverse activities and experience from the big band at the music college, various jazz combos and other bands, as well as conducting choirs and orchestras, provide him with many exquisite spices that he is able to stir into the Borsch4Breakfast recipe.

Ratko Pavlovic is the youngest member and also the sunshine of the ensemble. He grew up in Serbia and started playing the accordion from an early age, as this instrument, typical of his homeland, fell into his lap in pre-school. The teacher there played for him almost every day, igniting Ratko's enthusiasm for music. In Arandelovac, he got to know and love Serbian folklore in the course of his youth - for over seven years, he traveled the streets of Serbian towns and villages and delighted people with his playing. His skills led him via Kragujevac to Munich, to the University of Music and Performing Arts. Ratko Pavlovic has won prizes at numerous international competitions and has received artistic inspiration from renowned accordion virtuosos in various master classes. In addition to Borsch4Breakfast, he also performs internationally as a soloist. Whether baroque, folk, contemporary or jazz, Ratko feels at home in every genre and with his passionate dedication to music, his spark kindles the audiences heart.


● Bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac, Serbia

● Major subject accordion with Prof. Vojin Vasović 

● Master's degree in accordion at the Munich University of Music and Theater with Prof. Krassimir Sterev

● Specialization in the master's program in new music at the University of Music and Theater in Munich

Upcoming Concerts



Friday, 16.02.2024, 8 pm 
Young Jazz in der Hemingway Lounge Karlsruhe
Uhlandstraße 26, 76135 Karlsruhe

Thursday, 27.06.24, 8 pm
Walldorfer Musiktage
Hirschstraße 15, 69190 Walldorf

Saturday, 23.11.2024

Kultur im Kreis

Stiftskirche Sunnisheim

Stiftstraße 15, 74889 Sinsheim


22.07.2023 Hoffest mit борщ4breakfast in Gaggenau 21.07.2023 Open Air Konzert Alte Kastanienschule Sankt Leon Rot 15.07.2023 Musikfest auf dem Lande im Rahmen des Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival 30.06.2023 Open Air in der Konzertmuschel beim Kurhaus Baden-Baden 12.04.23 "FEIERabend"- Konzert im Rahmen des Heidelberger Frühlings 10.04.23 Ostermontag-Konzert im historischen Von Busch Hof 19.08.2022 „Klosterhofkonzert“ im Kloster Heiligkreuztal 30.07.2022 „Balkan Grooves“ im Atlantic Parkhotel Baden-Baden 04.06.2022 Kulinarisches Konzert „Dinner 4 борщ“ im Gasthaus Zur Sonne Rot 24.04.2022 AbschlussFEST des Heidelberger Frühlings in der Aula der Neuen Universität 23.04.2022 “Durchs Leben Tanzen” im Carl-Rottmann-Saal im Rahmen des Heidelberger Frühlings 22.04.2022 “Pimp your Story - Poetry Slam trifft Musik” im Kulturfenster im Rahmen des Heidelberger Frühlings 21.04.2022 “Colourful” im Wilson-Theater im Rahmen des Heidelberger Frühlings 03.04.2022 Konzertmatinee in St. Marien Gaggenau 20.11.2021 Kultur im Kreis - Stiftskirche Sunnisheim 24.10.2021 Konzert im Auditorium Sant'Agostino in San Ginesio, Italien 11.08.2021 Open Air Konzert im Wunschbrunnenhof Trier 28.06.2021 Kammermusikworkshop der Jungen Deutschen Philharmonie mit Dozenten des Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt 05.01.2020 Benefizneujahrskonzert im Schloss Bruchsal 07.12.2019 Konzert in der Hemingway Lounge Karlsruhe 14.09.2019 Konzert im Kaisersaal Ottobeuren


Press Reviews

Das junge Ensemble überzeugt dabei vor allem durch seine Innovationskraft: Teils altbekannte Melodien und Weisen unterschiedlicher Kulturkreise, aber vor allem des osteuropäischen Klangguts, werden zu neuen, eigenständigen Kompositionen verwoben. […] Gewohntem mit ungewöhnlichen Mitteln zu neuer Brillanz zu verhelfen, ist gewissermaßen die Kernkompetenz des Quartetts. Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, 02.08.2023, „Aus den Instrumenten wird alles herausgeholt“ Es gelang ihnen, diese zu einem faszinierenden, meist mit einer gehörigen Prise Jazz gewürzten Klangbild verschmelzen zu lassen. […] In den fulminanten Abschnitten riss das Spiel des Ensembles die Zuhörer fast von den Stühlen. Nicht zuletzt die humorvolle Moderation durch Christoph Rehorst trug zur gelösten Stimmung bei. Augsburger Allgemeine, Unterallgäu Kultur am Ort, 18.09.2019, „Im Kaisersaal erklingt Weltmusik“ Die Musiker, allesamt erst in den 20ern, beherrschten ihre Instrumente aufs Beste und entlockten ihnen sanfte, einschmeichelnde und dann auch wieder wilde und aufschreiende Klänge und Töne. […] Es gelang ihnen immer wieder, einen Spannungsbogen aufzubauen, dem die Zuhörerinnen und Zuhörer aufmerksam lauschend folgten. Die Instrumente ergänzten sich, “hörten” aufeinander und waren gleichzeitig selbstständige Elemente in einem abwechslungsreichen Spiel. Wochenblatt Bruchsal, 09.01.2020, "Musik gegen den Winterblues mit Borsch4Breakfast" Temperamentvoller Tanz mit elektrisierenden Rhythmen und melancholische Melodien voller Sehnsucht. […] Und natürlich eine berauschende Virtuosität. Eine Mischung aus allem, mit einer guten Prise Jazz abgeschmeckt. Badische Neueste Nachrichten, 05.04.2022 „Eine rasante Wiedergeburt“ Doch es sind die Musiker von Borsch4Breakfast, die den Stilmix am perfektesten beherrschen. Mit Ionel Ungureanu haben sie auch einen wahren Teufelsgeiger. Einen Kundigen in Sachen Balkan-Jazz. Mannheimer Morgen, 26.04.2022, „Zum Abschied ein fröhliches Potpourri der Stile“

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